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Zypher zypher at clanusr.com
Wed Jan 27 17:42:41 EST 1999

I thought you all took donations of hardware.

About two weeks ago I could have handed you a 4gb uwscsi drive, but I just
found a use for it...

What specificallly would help the stats server? (Or servers plural? ;) I'm
sure plenty of us have HW lying around, and some of it is bound to be
halfway decent. And those who helped would feel a direct impact of their
help (faster, actually online stats :) and be proud. Maybe a little message
saying "Dnet thanks ____ for donating hardware to the stats server" would
spurr folks even more.
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>Unfortunatly, our poor old stats server is slowly giving up the ghost. We
>a 3rd IDE drive to it for DES and further growth, and it just can't handle
>having 2 drives on one IDE bus. So, at this point, email wouldn't help you
>stats any more than web access. Nugget is working as fast as possible to
>stats-II into production; keep an eye on his plan for more info

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