[RC5] prize monies

Michael L. Dawson mdawson at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jan 28 15:33:03 EST 1999

Now that DES III is over, I have some concerns about the prize monies.
For starters, my concern is about the deep crack machine that EFF
developed. It apparently can process atleast 35 times faster than my
little desktop which causes me to think that there will be no way in the
world for any ordinary person/machine to win a DES contest. Well...
maybe not "no way", but the odds have been substantially altered. (It
would be interesting to know whether or not the winning keyspace would
have been processed by any other team or individual member had deep
crack not participated during the same time frame)

It seems a bit unfair to me that EFF and it's various officers/members
will garner 80% of the prize money. My feeling is that any person or
organization under the auspices of d.net should not be allowed to
receive the charity portion of the prize if they win the contest. It
just smells real fishy to me.

Another concern I have is that if deep crack is allowed to participate
in future DES contests, then the percentage of prize monies should be
altered to provide a little more incentive to those of us who are not
part of a well financed team, or even a poorly financed team for that
matter. For instance, the prize money could be broken down like this,
20% to d.net (this is well deserved in my humble opinion) After d.net's
cut, then the winning team/individual member should be entitled to
atleast half of what is left over, which is 40%. A 20/20 split in the
case of a team winning. The remaining 40% then would go to a non-winning
charity. Personally, I'd prefer the Red Cross to get the money. It's
internationally recognized and you know the money would be spent on
something very positive, like helping out quake or flood victims, and
not to further code breaking efforts that will eventually enrich only a
select few of the overall group of participants.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm very excited to be a part of d.net
and will continue to participate atleast until SETI at HOME comes online,
and perhaps even beyond that time. But I do feel that my concerns are
valid and should be addressed by the membership-at-large.

most sincerely,

van nuys, ca. USA

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