[RC5] Win95/98 users take note:

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Fri Jan 29 11:12:43 EST 1999

nfo at deskmail.com said:

> Do you miss the priority function that was available last in ~ version 
> 417? A program called "wstart" available from 
> http://www.winfiles.com can give it back.

NT users can use the Task Mangler to achieve this.  It's safe to ignore 
the warning about 'changing priorities can do really bad things'.  
There are also command line tools which let you twiddle the timeslices 
of running programs.  I use 'ps' to get the PID and 'nice' to set its 
priority to high.  I _believe_ these will also work on Win95/98, but 
haven't tested them.  Anyone want the binaries?

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