[RC5] Win95/98 users take note:

Somebody Else elsesomebody at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 29 12:23:35 EST 1999

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that 
increasing the priority of the client relative to other applications 
won't increase the number of total keys processed.  This is how I see 
it:  Say you want to use your computer while rc5 is cracking in the 
background.  Lets consider the example of launching netscape.  There is 
a certain number of cycles/processes that need to take place to launch 
netscape.  This will reduce the number of available cycles/processes 
available for rc5 to use.  However if decrease the priority of netscape 
it will take more time to launch but  the same number of 
cycles/processes need to take place, it will just take longer to do 
them.  So in a 24 hour period lets say you have a certain number of 
cycles (24 hours * 3600 seconds per hour * your processor speed * 
1000000 cycles per second).  Netscape still needs the same number of 
cycles leaving the remaining cycles for rc5 and therefore yielding 
exactly the same number of blocks.  Like I said if I need correcting 
please do so.  And if I'm right I'd like to know for sure as well.

>Do you miss the priority function that was available last in ~ version 
>417? A program called "wstart" available from 
>http://www.winfiles.com can give it back. It's a program launcher 
>app that lets you use command line switches to set the priority of 
>Win95/98 programs just like you can with the task manager in NT.
>On busy systems like mine, it can give you a substantial increase 
>in keyrate while you're doing other things.
>The speed increase is not without tradeoffs. The latency will be 
>slightly increased  on your other apps. If keyrate is more important 
>to you than minor system slowdowns then you might want to 
>consider this program.
>Personal results on my 486/dx4-100:
>night rate (system idle) ~92 kkeys/s
>day rate (without wstart) ~70 kkeys/s
>day rate (with wstart set to "high") ~82 kkeys/s
>Thats roughly a 15% increase in keyrate while system is loaded.
>Your results may vary.
>Something to think about :)

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