[RC5] Win95/98 users take note:

Robert Cicconetti gte897h at prism.gatech.edu
Fri Jan 29 13:46:18 EST 1999

>Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that
>increasing the priority of the client relative to other applications
>won't increase the number of total keys processed.  This is how I see
>it:  Say you want to use your computer while rc5 is cracking in the
>background.  Lets consider the example of launching netscape.  There is
>a certain number of cycles/processes that need to take place to launch
>netscape.  This will reduce the number of available cycles/processes
>available for rc5 to use.  However if decrease the priority of netscape
>it will take more time to launch but  the same number of
>cycles/processes need to take place, it will just take longer to do
>them.  So in a 24 hour period lets say you have a certain number of
>cycles (24 hours * 3600 seconds per hour * your processor speed *
>1000000 cycles per second).  Netscape still needs the same number of
>cycles leaving the remaining cycles for rc5 and therefore yielding
>exactly the same number of blocks.  Like I said if I need correcting
>please do so.  And if I'm right I'd like to know for sure as well.

It depends on the application;  netscape may use fixed CPU time, but other
programs do not.  Executor (for one), an emulator, will eat 40%-80% CPU time
by default if rc5 is left on idle.  Other real-time applications, say many
games, will eat as much CPU time as possible to generate as many frames /sec
as possible.  I can live with 40 fps instead of 60.. <G>

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