[RC5] prize monies

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Fri Jan 29 14:12:22 EST 1999

On 29-Jan-1999, Bryan Talbot wrote:
> Personally, I never thought my team would ever win the prize money.
> It's like playing the lottery, it'd be nice to win, but I don't really
> expect it to happen.  I have no problem with EFF getting charity money
> and prize money; afterall they are a worthy receiver or they wouldn't
> have been selected for the charity list.  I choose them as my prefered
> charity and I'm glad they got the money.

Don't forget that John Gilmore chose "Libertarians for Privacy" as his
team affiliation, so they'll be receiving $1000 of the prize as well.

> What do you think would have happened if a misconfigured or
> unconfigured client reporting blocks as rc5 at distributed.net won?  Or if
> nugget or bovine won?  Think d.net gets the prize and charity money?
> You bet.

Actually, this is not true at all.  
http://www.distributed.net/legal/policy.html is our official policy
document which states:

    DCTI staff* are not eligible for any monetary prizes that
    distributed.net or DCTI may offer. In the event that a member
    of the DCTI staff* completes one of our contests, the money
    will go to the next non-staff person to submit work, based upon
    our master contest logs. If the non-staff person is on a team,
    that team will receive money based upon the percentages set
    forth for that contest. 

If the winning block arrives as "rc5 at distributed.net" or any other
invalid email address, we'll make every effort to determine the 
identity of the person based on IP Address, Time of submission,
CPU, OS, and client version.  In the unfortunate event that we are 
unsuccessful in doing this, the next valid log entry will be used to
determine a winner.

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