[RC5] Random blocks: useless?

Thomas Smith jester7 at wintek.com
Fri Jan 29 16:10:53 EST 1999

I have a P133 munching on random blocks.  I realize that it makes virtually no impact on the overall keyrate, but still...

It munches on random blocks, since it has no connection to the internet and I am too lazy to sneakernet blocks up very often.  Does this actually do any good?  Do the random blocks get used?  Or are they just reissued in sequence eventually?

If this is in a FAQ, please forgive me.  My new ADSL connection turns out to be much slower than my old 33.6 modem in alternate weeks, so it has been taking 20-30 minutes to load pages.  (sour grin)


Version: 3.12
GCS/M/MU/S>E/CC d- s+:- a13>? C++>++++$ UL++>++++ P?>++++ L++>++++ E?>++ 
W+ N o? k- w--- O+>++ M- V? PS+>++ PE Y PGP?>+ t 5 X+ R@ tv+ b+++ DI++++ D G
e->+++++ h! r !y

Sure, the government lies, and the newspapers lie, but in a democracy they are different lies.

Thomas Smith (a.k.a Chihuahua)
jester7 at wintek.com


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