[RC5] prize monies

Michael L. Dawson mdawson at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jan 30 01:39:26 EST 1999


I didn't mean to get everybody's bowels in an uproar. My apologies.
Admittedly, I know very little of EFF and hadn't bothered to do any homework
prior to my posting. (shame on me) I guess we're in this for different reasons
and judging by the responses I got, it is clear to me that all principals
involved are aboveboard, upstanding and deeply committed people to a cause
that I know scant about. Again, my apologies.

I don't live and breathe computers and networking like some folks here seem to
do, so my perspective of the Internet and d.net in particular, is from a
totally different angle. (no insult intended) I suppose that if computing was
my "way of life", then I'd probably feel more like all of you do.

So I will just crawl back into my corner with my tail between my legs....


David McNett wrote:

> While on the surface, this analysis seems valid, but the numbers simply
> do not point this direction.

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