[RC5] client updates

Steve Flynn steve at blazer.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 29 19:24:36 EST 1999

In article <BFBCB00A4D7BD211A9BB0000D11BAFAE02BE36 at mbsp05-bak.sp.TRW.COM
>, Mike Burgess <Mike.Burgess at trw.com> writes

[New clients being released]

>The zip enclosed text files are months old, and I often worry about 
>an "upgrade" that doesn't solve a problem that affects me.
>Could someone take charge and list what the changes are?

This is something which bothers me - there never (rarely) seems to be
any updates to the .txt files which accompany these releases.

I have version .430 installed here yet the changes log file only
documents changes made up to version .422.

It would also be nice if the bug fixes and didn't result in slower
cracking of RC5. I know DES got a big jump last release with the
conversion from C to asm cores but this also involved a loss of keyrate
from RC5. v.422 cranks out 1.12 Mkeys whereas v.430 only manages 1.02
Mkeys on my PII 400.

I'm almost tempted to switch back to v.422 now that DES3 is gone, purely
for the extra block or so a day it'll crack out.

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