[RC5] Random blocks: useless?

Hoffbrinkle hoffer+ at pitt.edu
Sat Jan 30 19:23:21 EST 1999

>worth of blocks in them. They are also set to shutdown when they
>run out of blocks. Hence, no chance of repeating random blocks
>and not too much effort required to maintain them.

    It seems to me that if you have these computers running anyway, there is
no reason to have them shutdown if the buffers get empty?  If they random
select a block that someone else has done, so what?  You really haven't lost
anything since they would be idle anyway.  But if the select a block that
has not yet been turned in, we're that much closer.  Unless you have the
machines power down when they are done with the buffers, I don't really see
any benefit using -runbuffers.


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