[RC5] Win95/98 users take note:

Chase Covello chasec at jps.net
Sat Jan 30 19:50:18 EST 1999

You have to download a collection of UNIX commands ported to Win9x, but they do work. I frequently use ps and nice to set the priority under Win95.
I forget where they were, but I think you can download them from litestep.net, under the utilities section.

> ps, top, and nice/renice do not work in my copy of win 98. I have yet to test
> those linux/fbsd commands in win 95 but I doubt they are there either.
> I think this mostly applied to win95/98 users, hence the subject. ;)

REALITY.SYS corrupted. Reboot Universe? [Y/N/C]

Chase Covello
chasec at jps.net

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