[RC5] Beal's Problem A DN challenge?

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Mon Jul 5 11:23:29 EDT 1999

> If you find any case where Beal's conjecture is false, then it is proven
> false.   At least, that was according to my discrete mathematics professor
> when I was in college.  I'm not really interested in the problem, but I
> think if it's false, then we would be able to find the case.

Your discrete mathematics professor was indeed correct.  But the prize 
is for proving it true, a task which distributed.net can not do :-)

It's main drawback is that it is an open-ended problem, like SETI but 
unlike OGR.  That is, with OGR we KNOW we'll find answers, whereas with 
Beal's conjecture and SETI we do NOT know whether we'll achieve 
anything, which will make it more difficult to recruit.

In addition, for those of us using work and university idle cycles, it 
is far easier to convince mgmt to let us if we are doing something 
demonstrably useful like OGR than proving obscure mathematical theories 
for which we do not yet have any use.

I think it would be a Bad Thing to get side-tracked into applying our 
combined strength to such a problem.

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