[RC5] Revival of the Suggestions Page

Ted Carnahan ted at carnahan.com
Mon Jul 5 14:27:59 EDT 1999

Ah, to keep this simple...

After returning from the Missouri Scholars Academy, which I'd rate as one of
the top experiences of my life thus far, (www.moscholars.org), I found a
whole bunch of suggestions in my inbox.  Not updating right before I left,
and not having access to computers for 3 weeks (a mixed blessing) made for a
lot of work, but we're finally up to date through the 99th suggestion.  So,
I offer you a challenge.  Be the 100th.  Send in a unique suggestion with
real merit, and you will be lauded with praise.  Or something like that...

If you've made a suggestion and it didn't get up there, go ahead and make
sure that it does by sending it to me again.

This page been helpful by generating so much useful input.  So keep the
input coming!  I'm waiting for your suggestions....


Ted Carnahan
ted at carnahan.com

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