[RC5] Beal's Problem A DN challenge?

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Tue Jul 6 21:21:53 EDT 1999

Bachrach said:

> David Cantrell said:
> >It's main drawback is that it is an open-ended problem, like SETI but
> >unlike OGR...
> It's not so much the open ended-ness of it, but the fact that it can't
> really be done by a computer at all. To formulate a proof the person doing
> the proof must use their own mind and ingenuity to try and find a way from
> point A to point B that hasn't been discovered before. There is no set
> instructions that you could instruct a computer to follow that would
> result in an answer. The computer can't think, and proving a theorem
> requires just that.

I was talking about _disproving_ it.  It is obvious that d.net can't 
prove Beal's conjecture, but that it could - perhaps - prove it wrong.  
All we would need to do is find _one_ counter-example.  THAT is the 
open-ended problem.

David Cantrell, Senior Developer, Wirestation


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