[RC5] milestones

Ayatolla Bill ayatolla at lhq.com
Wed Jul 7 12:16:59 EDT 1999

On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, Richard Lee King Jr. wrote:

> i see we are about to hit the 10% mark.
> i did a little math and at the current growth rate,
> we will hit 20% in 7 months. if our growth
> goes flat it will be 9 months.
> far less than the 620 days to the first 10%.
> but i worry about other distributed projects
> taking huge bites out of our keyrate.
> bye
Um, ok, bit of a problem with that though. CPU speeds are going up about 
300% this year. And I've noticed, that once you get past the OS overhead
your gains are pretty good. So just say it is only the hardcore crypto
guys who hang in there. A conservative guess is, that you'll get 200%
faster just from the same group in the year. More so if the old CPU is 
saved and put in another machine running the rc5 client.
  As far as SETI goes, most of the people on there never heard of RC5. And
maybe that's a good thing, because if most ETs are paranoid privacy types, 
all you're gonna get is crpto'd signals which resemble random noise, or,
spread spectrum communications.
  But maybe the project argus guys are hoping for something high power,
obnoxious, and in the clear, like an ET holy roller station begging for
cash at 600 Gigawatts, 24/7 for decades on end. 
  Then comes the question. Who do we really wanna talk to, the paranoid
guys, or the holy roller nuts ? <grin> 
   If the ETs are using 56 bit DES, i think we'll rock their world.  ;)
But thinking on the big picture, all this fits together, one project feeds
the next, and the next. This is no zero sum game by any means. 

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