[RC5] Feature Req....Team Joining [insert groans here]

Zypher zypher at netgsi.com
Fri Jul 9 12:41:52 EDT 1999

I'm pretty sure this has been asked about before (ok, I'm _damn sure_ :)

BUT, nothing like beating a dead-but-valuable horse to start the morning.

Since the stats page seems to have gotten most of the old features, if not
all and then some...perhaps team merging? It seems some folks start teams on
a whim, and they often don't check to see if theres not already another team
with nearly (or exactly) the same theme. They both go on for awhile,
possibly not even knowing they are both competing for the same folks :)

Well, what if the notice each other, and want to merge? As it usually goes
with teams, one tends to be a fair bit larger than another, but not 80
million times larger...each could both benefit nicely from the other's
blocks, but being longstanding teams, it would suck just have have all of
one team join the other, and leave ALL their previous work to lie in the

Hence team joining...

To prevent people from 'taking over' a team, the team admin could specify
'team X merge to team Y enabled' in team stats or whatever then each and
every member could choose whether to join team X on their own time (with the
usual team change method) or not. BUT, if 'team merge' is on, and they join
the correct other team, instead of ALL their previous work lying in the
dust, it would ALL transfer over to another team :)

This would also allow for 'friendly' team split ups, if for whatever reason
a group wants out of a team, they make a new team, ask the team admin for
merge, and those that want to leave can. This would also keep team admins
from changing the team name/focus whatever on a whim and from completely
slacking off if the rest of the team is active (slacking on the info
page[s], not blocks I mean ;)

Another reason is for 'beating' another team...like say team X and team Y
are pretty similar, and they both are opposite team Z (for whatever reason)
then they join, and possibly have more blocks than Z (or at least much
closer :)...already I can think of about 4 things like this in the top 100,
and 2 teams who would say HELL NO to this instantly for the same reason ;)

BTW I also am damn sure I'm NOT the only one who wants this *cough* and I
know it could be a fair bit of work, and the potential problems (perhaps
'beta' test it with a smaller group first, teams with less members too)
could be annoying but it should be worth it. Hey, it'll at least spark some
interest again...keep people's minds away from seti and such ;P
zypher.nospam at noflames.netgsi.com
"No, not bad spelling, bad typing"

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