[RC5] d.net project: indexing the web

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Sat Jul 10 15:56:54 EDT 1999

> 1) (to the best of my knowledge) most well developed distributed 
> computing  network in existence today

Yes and no.  We're the most well developed distributed computing 
network _of_our_type_.  The work we can do is limited by the slow and 
unreliable links between our nodes.

> 2) d.net developers and participants are well aware of privacy 
> issues, and anything they build in this line will be privacy 'compliant'


> 3) a proprietary version of this is doomed to failure, nobody will
> trust it and it wouldn't get broadly enough used.

I agree on the trust part, not on the wouldn't get used part.

> What does everybody else think?

I don't think it would work, certainly not for online searches the way 
we do them now at Altavista or Google.  BUT if the user is prepared to 
submit a query and wait a few days or weeks for an emailed result, 
_that's_ something we could handle.  That way we don't need a central 
database of everything.

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