[RC5] Feature Req....Team Joining [insert groans here]

Edwin Chan Bauer ecb4r at cms.mail.virginia.edu
Sun Jul 11 03:22:21 EDT 1999

Few words about Team Merging...

How would a team merge? Obviously giving the team leader 
the responsibility would give the leader too much power. A 
complete consensus would be hard to make. And of a partial 
consensus - how would voting power within a group be 
decided and who is to say what percentage of agreement is 

Maybe I'm looking at this like too much like a lawyer, 
staring through loop holes. Team merging seems like it 
could be exploited to transfer completed blocks between 

The ability of a group to split presents many loop holes. An
example case: "A user with a years worth of blocks decides 
he wants to change from team X to team y. He suggests that 
the entire team X join team Y. Team X decides to split up, 
the majority stay on the team, and said user joins team Y. 
Suddenly team X loses those blocks, and team Y gains a years
worth of cracking."

If two teams want to merge, the individuals on the team 
should decide which team to merge on to and 
then the combined group should attempt to compete on the 
day to day stats. Leave the culmlative stats the way they 

Granted, there is a use for team merging, but I think it is 
better to keep the things the way they are. Distributed 
should not jeopardize its legitimacy by establishing team 

My 2.5 cents(adjusted for inflation)
Eddie Bauer

ecb4r at virginia.edu

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