[RC5] Feature Req....Team Joining [insert groans here]

T. Sean (Theo) Schulze tschulze at compuserve.com
Tue Jul 13 01:57:01 EDT 1999

On 7/12/99 23:56, Eddie Bauer at ecb4r at virginia.edu wrote:

[A few words on team merging snipped.]
>The ability of a group to split presents many loop holes. An
>example case: "A user with a years worth of blocks decides 
>he wants to change from team X to team y. He suggests that 
>the entire team X join team Y. Team X decides to split up, 
>the majority stay on the team, and said user joins team Y. 
>Suddenly team X loses those blocks, and team Y gains a years
>worth of cracking."

I am pretty new at this, so I hope you will indulge me this question.  
How does "years worth of cracking" really affect anything.  Sure, it 
represents a lot of time spent looking for the right key, but there isn't 
any award for how long you have been looking, is there?  Statistically, 
don't the brand new participant and the bearded veteran both have the 
same chance of finding the winning key?  At the end of the day, aren't 
the number of blocks checked more of a simple pride thing than anything 
else?  Or, have I missed something?

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