[RC5] Feature Req....Team Joining [insert groans here]

Zypher zypher at netgsi.com
Mon Jul 12 22:47:25 EDT 1999

With 'my idea' (used very loosely) the team admin only *approves* a merger
with another team, then each and every member of that team decides whether
to stay or go. By not deciding (default, or a 'dead' email) This keeps the
admin as lord of his *own team only*, but he has to keep the serfs happy, as
it were. Well, actually not, they could approve none ;)

I understand that a team could be cut down in half or worse, but consider

You do a million blocks for a team, then that team either putters out, or
changes focus... Team admin is god basically, he could change a
'anti-martian' team to a 'pro-martian' team in about 5 microseconds...I know
becuase I do minor edits to my team (fixing spelling, redirecting links,
changing the picture) and the refresh shows on the next search.

I think all the blocks you do should always be under your control at least
to that degree. If you really hate martians, then you should have the right
that they [pro-martians] do not get credit for any of your blocks because a
team admin plays games, or whatever. Each person should be able to leave a
team _with their blocks_ if things change, or if you suddenly wake up and
love martians or whatever. Yeah, people are fickle...and the only other
alternative is to not join a team. That is worse, because some guy who
commandeers an entire campus (easy as pie with some setups ;) is obviously
going to whip your pants on the stats page ;)

Another reason I am for this is to clean up the stats...there are TONS of
'mostly dead' teams that would probably merge under a few, making the stats
more fun again for those of us that are closer to the top...

Regardless, no person's blocks should ever be moved around without their
personal permission (which is easily done the same way the personal inof
page is edited...mail ye password)...as long as that rule is kept, the only
peeved people will be those that get leapfrogged in the stats :)

[I do not mean any harm to martians, if they are reading this I used them
for example only :]
rc5 at halflife.net
"No, not bad spelling, bad typing"

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