[RC5] OGR-23 search completed (fwd)

Greg Hewgill greg at hewgill.com
Tue Jul 13 22:47:53 EDT 1999

On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 09:38:31AM +0200, Stephan Wonczak wrote:
> This reminds me: What is happening to our own OGR project? The contest
> was due some month ago, but nothing ever happened. The news on the 'things
> to do-list' are fairly ancient, no fingerboard messages, no messages to
> this list... has OGR been abandoned (at least for the time being)?

I'm not sure what you mean by the "contest was due" - unlike the RC5 and DES
contests there is no external influence affecting the time which we offer OGR
as a project. In any case, you will notice that the latest finger message for
me (gregh at distributed.net) points to an HTML page outlining all the items
remaining to be done. At this time the comment near the top of the page is
still true - my primary responsibility is my job and it is taking priority over
distributed.net work at this time.

Progress is still being made, although the work necessary to bring OGR to
distributed.net has been somewhat underestimated. Many changes have had to be
made to the master server, the full proxies, and the personal proxies, in
addition to the clients themselves, because the OGR project has such a
different structure than cryptography projects. However, this work is more
far-reaching than just OGR - this is the first step to generalization of our
distributed computing architecture. We will benefit far more than just having
another project to run.

With the recent completion of the OGR-23 search by the original OGR effort, the
pressure is back on us to continue with OGR-24 and beyond. We will be able to
support the OGR project in the (hopefully near) future, but I don't think
you'll get me or anybody else at distributed.net to commit to an actual date.
Hang in there!

Greg Hewgill
distributed.net coding team

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