[RC5] NT 4.0 service client - auto start/stop?

Bruce Ford b.ford at qut.edu.au
Wed Jul 14 11:51:19 EDT 1999

> Is there someone out there who has successfully done this sort of thing
> and can give me some pointers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> It would be very useful if the client had the ability to switch itself on
> and off automatically during the day at whatever times you preset in the
> .INI file.

The client will run for a specified number of hours either using the 
'-h <hours>' or '-until <HH:MM>' command line options or 
'hours=<hours>' in the .ini file.  For the service version of the client 
the command line options need to be added to the registry value 

An option for starting and stopping is to configure a pause file with 
'-pausefile <filename>' or 'pausefile=<filename>' in the .ini file.  
Creating or deleting the pause file then stops or starts the client.
However stopping and starting the service is probably better and 
should be possible if you change the account that the schedule 
service uses on the machine you are running the 'at' commands 

In case Herman's advice about the schedule service was not clear, 
to get the commands you run using 'at' to run with your rights you 
need to go: Settings/Control Panel/Services/Schedule/Startup/This 
Account and enter your administration account name and 
password. Remember to change the domain if appropriate.  You 
then need to stop and start the Schedule service.

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