[RC5] Feature Req....Team Joining [insert groans here]

Ayatolla Bill ayatolla at lhq.com
Wed Jul 14 15:31:26 EDT 1999

On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, Jack Beglinger wrote:

> > That's allot of work, to create the team and to announce it to all the
> > different people.  Then what is the point anyway??  Again there is no prize
> > money at stake here, and if the people on the team don't like it, they will
> > leave them team at that point anyway. Anyhow if you don't trust the team
> > creator, then don't join the team, its called use your judgment here people.
> Well that is why I left a team after 6 months... the creator was  
> (local personal history) if I had know up front I would not have 
> "wasted" my blocks.  Now I can undo it.
I don't know what kind of effect this sort of feature would have on the
whole mess. Besides people settling old scores, would there be people head
hunting for blocks ? Hard to say. I'm sure it could be done today, but
40 blocks a day vs say, 20-30k blocks of someones whole r5 stint is quite
a difference. 

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