[RC5] NT 4.0 service client - auto start/stop?

Colbeck, Andrew AColbeck at bentall.com
Wed Jul 14 12:38:18 EDT 1999

In addition to Bruce's excellent advice, you also need to fire up your User
Manager for Domains, then pull down Policies/User Rights.

Turn on "Show Advanced User Rights".

Whichever account you decide to run the Schedule service as, you must also
give it explicit permission to the Advanced User Right, "Log on as a

Try not to resort to using your Administrator account to do this; create a
specific account and give it exactly the *minimum* rights it will need for
all the tasks you wish to schedule!

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> > Is there someone out there who has successfully done this sort of thing
> > and can give me some pointers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> > 
> However stopping and starting the service is probably better and 
> should be possible if you change the account that the schedule 
> service uses on the machine you are running the 'at' commands 
> from.
> In case Herman's advice about the schedule service was not clear, 
> to get the commands you run using 'at' to run with your rights you 
> need to go: Settings/Control Panel/Services/Schedule/Startup/This 
> Account and enter your administration account name and 
> password. Remember to change the domain if appropriate.  You 
> then need to stop and start the Schedule service.

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