[RC5] Next project Idea II

Robert shadow at INFO66.COM
Sat Jul 17 21:26:51 EDT 1999

Ok, no one got very excited about my last input on the next Dist. net 
project. How about NASA? I was just reading about them battling funding
cuts. If some medical and other breakthroughs come about because of the 
space station maybe they would have some use for some horsepower. 

Robert wrote:
> For the next project I would like to see the benefit to people clearly
> stated. It is really bothering me that we are using this project for
> showing that our political system is in trouble. I would love for our
> next project to have some benefit that can be clearly stated such as
> medical research or solving some engineering problems that help supply
> water to some third world area (or Alabama or Mississippi et...).
> Thanks

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