[RC5] RC5 Mac Client

RogerKIWI at aol.com RogerKIWI at aol.com
Sun Jul 18 00:28:24 EDT 1999

In a message dated 17/7/99 9:32:01 PM, DeanSuhr at CarpeDIS.com writes:

>Does anyone know what is up with a new Mac client that can start without
>the O/S 8.6 warning dialog?  I'm running v2.7105.
>Where would we submit a client feature request - like only connect to the
>net to update during certain hours?

This page


has links to the betas of the latest version.

I've been using the second latest version awhile (the latest is downloading 
as I type this <g>)



Now does anyone know why there is always a difference (typically 10-15%, and 
sometimes more) between the number of blocks I submit every day, and the 
number I'm credited with??

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