[RC5] SETI@home and RC5

Michael, Paul M Paul.Michael at PSS.Boeing.com
Tue Jul 20 12:09:13 EDT 1999

For those of you torn between RC5 and SETI at home....  I've been able to run both the SETI at home client and the RC5-64 client simultaneously with a loss of only 50 Kkeys/sec.  I'm set up on a Pentium MMX 166MHz PC, Win 95 ver 4.00, 32MB RAM.  With the RC5 client V2.7106.436, I benchmarked at 350Kkeys/sec before running SETI at home, and then 300Kkeys/sec while running SETI at home version 1.06.  What's cool is that there is no noticeable drop in SETI at home performance.  The two clients seem to work well together.  And there isn't too noticeable of drop in desktop performance either.  Has anyone else tried this with success?

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