[RC5] Possible stats improvements

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 10:49:39 EDT 1999

Jim Nasby mooed:

> 1) CPU time
> I'm sure some of you have noticed that SETI at home reports CPU time used. Is
> this an interesting stat for people? Also, would you like to see what your
> total CPU time is?

I can get my total CPU time from 'top', but I _would_ be interested in 
a statistic such as how many 'Pentium equivalent' machines I'm running.

> 2) Individual OS/Version info
> We used to (and probably will again) tabulate OS/version info for the
> project as a whole. Would you be interested in seeing these kind of stats
> for your email?

Yes.  I'd be interested in 'uname -a' info, but not interested in what 
version of the client I'm running.

> Please note that adding either of these features could add quite some time
> to the nightly statsrun.

Probably the single biggest reason to not add them.  Would it be 
practical to run these 'extra' stats off weekly, keeping the block 
count stats like what we have now going daily?

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