[RC5] Die SETI die !

Ayatolla Bill ayatolla at lhq.com
Tue Jul 20 06:38:24 EDT 1999

On Sun, 18 Jul 1999, Matthew Toseland wrote:

> OK OK I'm sorry for bringing it up yet again but...
> Visit their stats Totals page and do the math... <groan> EIGHTEEN
> TERAFLOPS (sorry for shouting, and it's just an order-of-magnitude thing,
> assuming 200MFlop/CPU) !  I'm pulling in my other recently-disemboweled machine
> as soon as I can get it working, and I'm sure this will make up the difference
> :)   We've been outgunned... start recruiting technophobic paranoid
> schitzophrenic bosses who used to think it's a trojan.. :\
Hahaha, you got processor envy dude. Find a freudian psychologist or
something. <grin>

Seti makes pretty pictures, and helps to spot ET. Before Distributed Net
there were the mersenne prime guys, and then the pi guys, etc. 
The prime number guys probably think were are as nuts at you think the
Seti guys are. The pi guys of course, are too far gone to think about
anything but pi, so they don't really factor in. 

Ideas evolve, and so do CPUs. In 10 years you'll be able to crack RC5-64
on your playstation type machines video processor. Shamir's prime number
sieve will make people nervous about using 1024 bit encryption. 

In time all this work will seem silly, but the work on making the concept
of it run is what's important. That's the thing that matters in the long

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