[RC5] Possible stats improvements

Ed Wensell III ewensell at pstcc.cc.tn.us
Wed Jul 21 09:36:12 EDT 1999

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999 00:31:07 -0500 "Jim C. Nasby" <jim at nasby.net> wrote:

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> I've been toying with a few stats ideas in my head and wanted some feedback
> 1) CPU time

Nice to have, but otherwise rather useless for me. I'd be more interested 
in re-instating the block history (limit it to the last two weeks perhaps?)
like the old stats had.

> 2) Individual OS/Version info
> We used to (and probably will again) tabulate OS/version info for the
> project as a whole. Would you be interested in seeing these kind of stats
> for your email?

This could be useful, but misleading when applied project wide. How many 
gluttons for punishment are running the Win32 client under Wine on a 
Solaris box just for fun? For some time, I myself was running the x86 
WinNT client under emulation on my AlphaStation because it was getting a 
better keyrate than the native. The client still reports itself as 
x86_WinNT regardless of the real hardware.

Along the same lines, one of the things I never cared for was the listed 
benchmark page. Perhaps when the client does it's initial benchmark (newer 
clients, for block storage estimates), that information could be 
automagically sent to an officially supported benchmark page. The 
information could still be misleading, but at least I would have a better 
chance of finding a current benchmark for the RC5 client running on an 
AlphaStation 255/233 under WinNT 4.0.

Until Soon...
Ed Wensell III
Systems and Operations Support, Pellissippi State

"When I am reborn electronically, my birth cry will be the simultaneous blue-screen
 of every Microsoft Windows based compu... whoops... too late..." - Me

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