[RC5] Re: Possible stats improvements

Hideki KADOMURA kadomura at toyama-cmt.ac.jp
Sun Jul 25 02:40:13 EDT 1999

david>Jim Nasby mooed:

david>> 1) CPU time
david>> I'm sure some of you have noticed that SETI at home reports CPU time used. Is
david>> this an interesting stat for people? Also, would you like to see what your
david>> total CPU time is?

david>I can get my total CPU time from 'top', but I _would_ be interested in 
david>a statistic such as how many 'Pentium equivalent' machines I'm running.

In Japan, some teams show us 'logical dualon' as unit.  Dual celeron
machine, overclocked 450MHz, makes 2.5Mkeys per second, so it is one

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