[RC5] SETI@home and RC5

dan the person daniel.carter at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Fri Jul 23 00:00:22 EDT 1999

"Michael, Paul M" wrote:

>   I'm set up on a Pentium MMX 166MHz PC, Win 95 ver 4.00, 32MB RAM.  With the RC5 client V2.7106.436, I benchmarked at 350Kkeys/sec before running SETI at home, and then 300Kkeys/sec while running SETI at home version 1.06.

Um, i'm afraid there is no way the Seti at home client is going to 'share' the CPU with the rc5 client.

If one is running the other is not. If one is using 50% the other is not running for that 50%.

So if they are running at the same priority they should be running at approxiamtely half the speed they run at individually.

What probably explains your result is that your figure of 300Kkeys/sec comes from running the client in benchmark mode.  When benchmarking the client runs at normal process priority, rather than idle process priority.  So while becnhmarking that Seti client will not be running at all (or not much depending on how well idle threads are implemented on your OS).  Because benchmaring only takes a few seconds, it won't make any noticable difference in the overall Seti rate, whereas after running it full time you should notice the Seti rate go down.

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