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> How about this, a distributed sort routine for genetic engineering, gene
> therapies, or diagnosis of genetic defects. It's down to earth, an a basic
> monster scale simple computing process sorting routine. What is it,
> several trillion base pairs in the human genome ? The ideal killer app for
> a distributed network. 
I would love to see d.net get involved in such a directly beneficial search.

We all know that encryption algorithms, as currently used, are weak, unless
you use huge keys... that's pretty obvious, so in a sense we are wasting our
time proving something we already know (but the cash prize and the kudos are
still attractive). However, contributing to the human genome project, or
something similar would, I feel, be of even more direct benefit to others.

(Not to mention the fact that it would be one hell of a lot easier to recruit
people for such a project!!)


p.s. there's also no reason why we couldn't look at genetic algorithms or
simulated annealing problems, or any other adaptive search space issue.

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