[RC5] Kasparov vs. the Real World

KARL OEHLING koehling at usa.net
Thu Jul 29 14:56:00 EDT 1999

I've been watching the chess game on the MS Gaming Zone site with interest.
There were comments in the MS discussion board on what happened with Deep
Blue, and what Gerry might do next as an event.

The problems with Deep Blue were that no history could be developed, and the
way the program worked was never studied by people outside of IBM. Thus, the
experiment has received criticism with little to no response, and therefore
little to gain in understanding. People wonder what could have happened if the
experiment had been less a publicity stunt.

Well, now that Gerry has come to the world stage again, we have an opportunity
to offer a fair game of man vs. machine with publicity as an added benefit.
Our distributed model doesn't have the drawbacks of Deep Blue, and won't be
hard to program in a one-move-per-day model. Because we can't program the
computer to beat a particular player, we can gather a history with the same
program against many players. The aftermath of each game can be studied, and
the paradigm utilized will be known up front to be brute force.

Gerry's willingness to play a one-move-per-day game on the Internet makes this
a great time to propose a game with distributed.net. We can do this.

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