[RC5] Feature request

Chase Covello chasec at jps.net
Tue Jun 1 16:42:47 EDT 1999

"Minor, Thomas" wrote:
> running the clients on their machines cuz they think it's not a very
> good thing that their machines run at 100% usage all the time.
> They think that their CPU's get too hot and eat up too much energy.
> ( Not that the heat topic would be too new around here :) )

I don't think so. If you hava a decent fan and heatsink, that shouldn't
be a problem. Mine's running all the time.
I'm not sure, but I've gotta think that hard drives, fans, etc. use way
more power than the CPU.
> My proposal is to put in a little delay in one of the outer loops
> of the algorithm, like the Windows sleep() function.
> So simply give away some time to other processes, in our case
> the idle process with its HLT command.
> This might solve some heat problems and let the user decide
> how much idle time they want.
> The time to sleep should be made configurable in the client.

This seems to be contrary to the main idea. Instead of wasting cycles,
put them to work. However, it might matter what operating system you're
using. Some (Win9x especially) don't even do HLT, so it doesn't matter.

I'm sure someone here knows more than I do.

> Any comments ?

Same here.

Who is General Failure and why is he reading my disk?

Chase Covello
chasec at jps.net

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