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Ralph Reid ralph at fingers.shocking.com
Wed Jun 2 06:13:39 EDT 1999

Alex fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
>Anyone know of a utility/way to combine buffers as I will be leaving my
>machine for 2 weeks and so need to buffer greater than 1000 blocks or it'll
>chew over randoms for 1 week. Apologies if this has been asked in the past

I am not sure which client you are using, but some do seem to have
an import option.  I am not sure what the limits of the import option
are, but if you back up your original downloaded blocks, you could
give it a try.  On the DOS and HPUX10 clients, the import option can
be worked from the command line as follows:

rc5des -import <filename>

where <filename> is the name of the buffer file from which new
blocks are to be read.  If several sets of blocks have been
downloaded, and placed into different files, they might be added as

rc5des -import buff-in.001
rc5des -import buff-in.002
rc5des -import -buff-in.003

As an alternative, you may be able to queue up several sets of
blocks, and shuffle them around as they are finished.  Without knowing
which client you are running, I can not provide specific code, but
here is an algorithm which might help you put something together for
your specific client.  Note that this algorithm assumes that you
have downloaded the blocks, and placed them in appropriately named files:

1.  Run rc5des to process a set of blocks.
2.  Rename the rc5des output file to a unique file name.
3.  If one exists, rename a queued rc5des input file so rc5des will
    process it.
4.  Repeat above steps until all queued sets of blocks are complete.
5.  Start rc5des in random mode to pick up any extra time.
6.  End of algorithm.

I hope this helps, and have a _great_ day!

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