[RC5] After what time period does information loss its sensitivity?

Alan Bell alanbell at freeuk.com
Wed Jun 2 03:20:54 EDT 1999

>yes, I can confirm your thoughts and feelings. It does not make
>sense cracking a single message with thousands of maschines
>and even taking more than a year get it. Information which are older
>than some weeks are not interesting any more!
>Ok, getting the news in several hours or even days (sometime
>weeks) would make sense, but even a month is much too long.
>Even with increased keyrate power that does not make sense in
>the future since it is quite easy to add another bit to your key and
>then your cracking problem is even worse.

This is my first mailing to the list, so excuse me for any errors. I believe
that even if the project takes 10 years to complete it still proves that
rc5-64 encryption is not strong enough to project extremely sensitive data
e.g government files. If anyone else looked at the FBI file releases you
will have noticed that they still do not tell us very much, if not anything
at all about cases that are some 20 years old. Probably because the sensored
bits are still considered confidential.


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