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Robert A. Rosenberg Bob.Rosenberg at digitscorp.com
Wed Jun 2 23:51:19 EDT 1999

At 23:36 +0100 on 05/31/99, Alex wrote about Re: [RC5] Macintosh:

>Anyone know of a utility/way to combine buffers as I will be leaving my
>machine for 2 weeks and so need to buffer greater than 1000 blocks or it'll
>chew over randoms for 1 week. Apologies if this has been asked in the past

Assuming you are using the Mac Client this is the procedure.

  1) If you do not already have checkpointing activated than do so by 
entering a file name in the Files Menu of Preferences (CMD-K). If 
using a Client that does not support a Checkpoint name via 
Preferences then edit rc5des.ini to add an entry of this type: 
  2) Update Buffers to 500 & 2^31.
  3) Do a Fetch to get 500 Buffers.
  4) Halt the Client (CMD-H). If not Mac, you MAY need to Quit to get 
the current buffer returned to the IN File.
  5) Rename buff-in.rc5 to buff-in1.rc5 from Finder (or other utility).
  6) If not Mac then restart the Client. If Mac then just go to step 7.
  7) Do the Fetch three more times and rename to buff-in2.rc5 & 
buff-in3.rc5 (leave the 3rd buff-in.rc5 alone). If non-Mac you may 
have to Quit and Restart around the Renames.
  8) Rename one of the buff-inx.rc5 files to Checkpoint.file (or 
whatever your Checkpoint File is).
  9) For Mac do Run Offline (for others Start the Client). You will 
see a Recovered Blocks message and the 500 Buffers will be added to 
10) Quit or Halt and rename another file as in 8 and then do 9. Do 
this for the last file and you will now have 2000 blocks to fool with.
11) Set Client to RUN OFFLINE (It will NOT try to send blocks when 
they get to 500 but will just keep going).
12) When you get home, just do a FLUSH and all the buffers will go to 
the server in one batch).

I hope this helps you. I use this method all the time to Sneakernet 
the buffers to my non-connected machines.

Note: If doing this procedure for Sneakernet then rename the CURRENT 
buff-in to the Checkpoint name and let it "recover" them back to 
buff-in and then do the rename a 2nd time, move in the NEW 
(Sneakernet'ed) buff-in, and then let the recovery occur for the 2nd 
time. This will append the new blocks IN-BACK-OF the old ones while 
preserving the order of the blocks in the old buff-in (the recovery 
saves the blocks in reverse order so the order is reversed).

>- Alex
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