[RC5] Macintosh

Thomas Smith jester7 at wintek.com
Wed Jun 2 18:53:02 EDT 1999

At some point, Alex wrote:

>>Anyone know of a utility/way to combine buffers as I will be leaving my
>>machine for 2 weeks and so need to buffer greater than 1000 blocks or it'll
>>chew over randoms for 1 week. Apologies if this has been asked in the past

You could create a batch file (if this type of thing exists on a mac, sorry) to run the client 
with a specific block file, i.e. rc5des -in rc5in.000 -runbuffers; rc5des -in rc5in.001 
-runbuffers , etc.

If this doesn't inflict a significant penalty on the MacOS or something like that, you could 
also start a bunch of clients at the same time, each with their own block file.  This would 
complete the same number of blocks as if they were done in a serial fashion.


Thomas Smith
jester7 at wintek.com

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