[RC5] Macintosh

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Thu Jun 3 23:14:59 EDT 1999

> Are the Macintosh clients reliable? Crash machines? Work in hidden/faceless
> mode? Any pointers would be nice. I do not have access to a Macintosh right
> now that I can experiment with. Thanks, Mike

rc5des client version 1.6fc1 of 10 January 1999 runs fine for me under Mac
OS 8.6 on my 2 G3 machines. I have not tried the background-only client on
Mac OS 8.6, but because it is older, I am inclined not to recommend it.

One problem with 1.6fc1: a message on startup that it has not been tested on
Mac OS 8.6, which needs to be dismissed. I get around this by installing the
shareware macro program KeyQuencer Lite (from www.binarysoft.com) and
writing an AppleScript which opens rc5des, then dismisses the error message.
Put an alias of that AppleScript into the Startup Items folder instead.

Second problem: message that Open Transport couldn't be initialized. This
can be fixed by increasing the program's preferred memory size by 300K.

> Is there a mailing list for Macintosh distributed software users? I thought
> there used to be but I can't find it now. Thanks for any help or pointers.

There was a Mac-specific list, but it died. Oh well. ;-)

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