[RC5] Feature request

tantau at netspace.net.au tantau at netspace.net.au
Sat Jun 5 15:59:39 EDT 1999

Hey there.

I don't know if my idea's have been already talked about, and i have a few
little things i would like to see :)

1.    Being able to telnet to the client on a port, or something to that
effect, to see its progress, change its settings, ect....

2.    Having options to see what the client outputs to the logfile, i would
love to have it just say the time, the block size completed, the speedof the
client ect... none of the other stuff like loading, restarts, shutdowns...

3.    Making the perproxy more like a client, in the way that it can be
minimized down near the 05/98/NT clock like the client can, and making it
have a -config menu like the client (if it already does i havn't found it)

4.   Mabye having the client make its log in a perproxy directory, sending
the info when it sends a block, instead of saving the log local... I know it
already can email the log, but i think that would just be nice.

5    Umm i an't thought of that yet :)

Well if anyone has any suggestions, flames... that they wanna say, or if they
like my ideas/hate em? whatever hehehe reply :)


tantau at netspace.net.au

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