[RC5] Macintosh

Aaron Swartz aswartz at upclink.com
Fri Jun 4 22:20:47 EDT 1999

> One problem with 1.6fc1: a message on startup that it has not been tested on
> Mac OS 8.6, which needs to be dismissed. I get around this by installing the
> shareware macro program KeyQuencer Lite (from www.binarysoft.com) and
> writing an AppleScript which opens rc5des, then dismisses the error message.
> Put an alias of that AppleScript into the Startup Items folder instead.

Another possibility is to download the freeware Okey Dokey Pro. In addition
to having the advantage that it is $30 cheaper than KeyQuencer Lite, it also
comes in useful in other situations. Plus, it can easily be set to only
dismiss the dialog box of a certain program (i.e. the client).



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