[RC5] Feature req. list

Ben Li banjili at bigfoot.com
Sun Jun 6 20:56:06 EDT 1999

Hi All, 

I noticed that people have been etching feature request ideas into the
ether so here is a feature request list of my own:

- MDI interface so that graphs/charts/logs can be viewed simultaneously
- ability to check stats of personal email address as well as of team
- option to display which key is being checked on an almost real-time basis
- ability to search for user-defined "interesting" strings keys/blocks
- "This day in cryptography history..." or Tip of the Day
- integrated web client to check stats
- integrated email client to keep up with the mailing lists
- integrated news client in case d.net does make/get/take a newsgroup
- VRML representation of keyrate/logfile
- VRML output of keyspace checked by client, team, d.net for specified
periods of time
- VRML rendering engine
- computer/CPU "health" checker
- instant messaging system so that d.netters can communicate with each
other about cracking
- fractal rendering capabilities for the MJ and other sets
- GPS capabilities so that cracking stats can be gathered by geographically
- "Multi-vector assault mode"

The first few ideas might have merit but the last few sound silly, don't
they?  After all, the client software is just that, client software, and
should not be expected to do all those other things, it should just crack
blocks, right?  

I am not arguing that that the clients should not be added to and enhanced
but that we have to remember that all the client needs to do to be a client
is to process blocks and make a record of what it has done.  I am sure that
some people could legitimately use some of the above mentioned features but
not everybody needs them and that adding them to /every/ client would just
serve to suck cycles and storage space (it has been privately expressed to
me that at least one of the proposed features above is desired).  I am not
attacking or preching any ideas or the process for soliciting for ideas
specifically, but rather, I am presenting the question: "Would most people
use this feature?"

Ben Li

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