[RC5] Suggestion Page

Ted Carnahan ted at carnahan.com
Sun Jun 6 16:25:52 EDT 1999

Well, I thought I'd update everyone about the Suggestions Page, a lot has
changed since I announced it way back on April 25.  The page is still
available at www.ted.carnahan.com/version3.htm, but it's also being mirrored
at www.distributed.net/nextgen/, and that's a lot easier to remember, if you
ask me.  So far, we've recorded nearly 75 suggestions, and have recieved
over 2100 hits.  A new section, "Projects" has been added, so when you hear
about an interesting contest or challenge that would benefit from
distributed computing, feel free to suggest it there.  I'd like to remind
everyone of a couple of things that will make for faster updating of the

1.  Please remember to check the page before you make a suggestion.
Recently, I've recieved a lot of duplications, and, while they are being
saved for later, I really can't put them up as new suggestions.  If you have
something to add, go ahead and send it in, and I'll put it up as an addendum
or something.

2.  Try to send your suggestions in with the right subject.  The subject
should at least contain " [suggest] " somewhere in the subject, and the
section you'd like it to appear in, if possible.

I'm really astounded at the number of people who visit the page daily, and
I'm open to suggestions about the future of Distributed.net, the layout of
the page, or anything else you'd like to see.  I feel that to stay
competitive with other distributed projects, we've got to listen to
everyone.  Thanks a lot, and keep those suggestions coming in!

Ted Carnahan
ted at carnahan.com
#Ted_C on EFnet

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