[RC5] seti@home fraud!

Paul Volcko pvolcko at concentric.net
Sun Jun 6 23:11:29 EDT 1999

>   500,000 users working on 115
>   work units?
>                                    Bob_Kanefsky
>                                     (M/California) 
>                                                                        Jun
> 5 1999
> 2:28AM EDT
>    I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that SETI at home's half million
> participants are currently being
>    assigned the same 115 work units over and over again, all from three
> different sky locations collected
>    on January 7 and 8. If anyone has seen any other work units recently --
> especially from January 9 or
>    later -- please speak up.

08ja99aa.27623.5291.332676.41 is the latest unit I've been 
crunching on.  This doesn't fall into your 115 listed in your previous 
message, so it would appear it's all good from my viewpoint.  
Seems like you've jumped the gun in your conclusions.  

Paul Volcko

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