[RC5] Increase that keyrate!

Fisher Tim (NCS/BS-CA) tim.fisher at ntc.nokia.com
Tue Jun 8 12:07:28 EDT 1999

It's not a problem if , you have access to the machine. Just set the buffers
to a large number of blocks with and a 2^31 or 33 bit blocks size. Then
every so often you just manually select update or flush/fetch. Thats
actually what I do on all of machine's that don't have LAN access to the

I should imagine the reason that the key rate is slightly higher is due to
the fact that the client is not spending processor cycles while it is
'looking' for a network connection.

At 08:16 PM 6-5-1999 , you wrote:
>Just a little tip for win clients: If you select the off line always option
>then your keyrate goes up. :@) I got 1.282 M K/s to 1.292 that's like a
>whole 386's difference :*))
>Maybee this works for others ?

I see only two problems with doing random blocks:

1. Your client won't be notified of contest changes, like DES and such..
2. My understanding of the random blocks is that they're not random over
the whole keyspace, but rather random over a controlled area (and the
"random area" is moved along once it's completely checked). So, if too many
people did random blocks, there could be some redundancy :-/.

And, from running the client on my 386 (full time!) I can confirm that your
increase of 10 kkey/s is almost exactly one 386's worth faster :).

FWIW though, I can't figure out why it'd be much faster running the client
in offline mode, other than that it wouldn't have to upload/download

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