[RC5] Difference in Win-32 Clients

Jake Paris Merlock at home.net
Tue Jun 8 21:38:23 EDT 1999

Hey Folks-
    Can anyone tell me why the GUI win32 client for x86's is a few
versions behind the rest? it does not support 2^33 size blocks, and for
all I know it might be slower than a more updated version. Now I use the
command line version at home, but at work I need to use the GUI version
for the dolts that run our lab that don't even know what a command line
is :) Anyways, any info would be appriciated. Also, will a new client
version be optimized for the P-III? I don't know much about flips and
switches and what have you, so I dont even know if the P-III is any
different than the P-II or P-Pro in that respect.

PS- We are getting 30 Brand new Dell Optiplex PIII-550Mhz machines in a
month or so... hello top 100 :)

-Jake Paris
Asst. Systems Manager
CS Dept., University of Rhode Island

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