[RC5] seti@home fraud!

Martin Cross minge at connect4free.net
Wed Jun 9 11:25:47 EDT 1999

I have gradually been converting over to SETI, primarily because the people
in my workplace are far more receptive to machines looking for aliens than
cracking some boring old encryption scheme (their opinions not mine).  But
I'm not impressed by SETI's ability to get things running even close to
smoothly.  Their servers are real pigs to get any data out of, their stats
are woefully out of date and the client though pretty really doesn't make
life easy during installation.

But never fear, I still have RC5 here.......hey I'm a poet and I didn't know

>Even if we did, where would we go from there? We can't visit, we can't
>communicate (just try to imagine holding a conversation with question and
>answer seperated by 40 years!), so what's the point? It has absolutely no
>impact on our daily lives.
If SETI does find a signal in the one third of the sky it scans, and is
proven to be a true E.T. signal, the ramifications on science and religion
alone will be profound.  I agree that holding a conversation is not a
possibility, but to know we're not alone is far more interesting than
cracking RC5.

>Encryption on the other hand is quite important
>for privacy, so it should have more priority than a wild-goose chase where
>we don't even know wether there is a solution. But this is all IMHO, of
Unfortunately I'm torn, I like both, and am running both.  Though SETI is
getting more CPU time at the moment as I'm in with a chance of actually
getting into the top 100.  Something that I will never do with RC5.  Yes, I
want my moment of glory!  I said glory.

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