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>                                       While I am sure there *is*
> intelligent extraterrestrial life somewhere in our universe (quite
> possibly in our 'nearer' neighborhood), I don't think we stand a chance to
> find it with our present technology.
Probably true..., and probably true. ;-)

>   Even if we did, where would we go from there? We can't visit, we can't
> communicate (just try to imagine holding a conversation with question and
> answer separated by 40 years!), so what's the point? It has absolutely no
> impact on our daily lives. Encryption on the other hand is quite important
> for privacy, so it should have more priority than a wild-goose chase where
> we don't even know whether there is a solution. But this is all IMHO, of
> course.
While it is certainly true that conversations would be nigh on impossible,
not only on a practical but also on a sociological basis (just consider how
different the world was 40 years ago....) that is not to say that the
confirmed discovery of life, intelligent or otherwise, should have no effect
upon our daily lives. I don't want to get into any really deep philosophical
/religious/political discussions on this list... it is not the right place
for one. However, assuming there is life in the universe other than on the
Earth, consider:
1) Should we put more resources into finding further examples/improving
technology/communications to find loopholes in the universal speed limit?
2) Should we re-examine what our philosophies of existence say about our
position in the universe?
3) Does this give us hope that humankind will survive beyond the nuclear
holocaust era?

In the end, I guess that ETI may well not affect whether I get up at 7am or
8am, but will have serious implications for a surprisingly wide spread of
aspects of life.

As for being a wild goose chase.... well, we don't know if there are cures
(not just life-extending treatments) for all cancers, but does that mean we
should stop looking?

Tara for now,

P.S. IMHO & YMMV! :-)

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