[RC5] seti@home fraud!

Matt.Wilkie Matt.Wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Tue Jun 8 13:21:55 EDT 1999

>possibly in our 'nearer' neighborhood), I don't think we stand 
>a chance to find it with our present technology. 
>  Even if we did, where would we go from there? We can't 
>visit, we can't communicate (just try to imagine holding a 
>conversation with question and answer seperated by 40 years!), 
>so what's the point? 

A conversation no, but research material yes. Assuming we do
recieve a recognizably intelligent signal of some sort, before we
even think of a conversation we have to figure out what their 
signal is and contains. Which is decryption of another colour.

>It has  absolutely no impact on our daily lives. 

Positive identification of an extra terrestrial presence will most
definately have an impact on our daily lives. 

I'm not trying to say seti is more valuable than d.net. I think they 
are both worthy endeavours and I participate in both, and when 
Cosm hits the net I'll probably be there too. The internet is a 
large place and there is room for variety.


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